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We are all getting tired of clinically sterile, copycat concept stores that seem lifeless and completely void of adventure, story or history. And the...

Key Features of Cool MP3 Splitter:
Split a larger MP3 file to two or more smaller mp3 files. It supports splitting by selection, time and size.
Fade-in and Fade-out !
it can smoothly goes from full volume to zero volume or from zero volume to full volume in 0-30 seconds.
Join MP3s !
You can use Cool MP3 Splitter to join mp3 files to make a longer piece of music.
Multi-thread technology is used !
High performance is provided with multi-thread split technology.
Easy to use !
Install Cool MP3 Splitter on your computer and you will know how to use it to split your Mp3 file after 1 minute. All 32-bit Windows system compatiable Cool MP3 Splitter works on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP.

Various - Cool and CaliforniaVarious - Cool and CaliforniaVarious - Cool and CaliforniaVarious - Cool and California